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Historical landmarks – forts, palaces, gates and heritage sites in the desert state of India, were commissioned by an established real estate enterprise in Gujarat, Shayona Management Services Private Limited. The Group has been successful to execute Scan to BIM tasks after having undertaken several historical projects since the past one-and-half year.

Collecting point cloud data to converting them into a three dimensional model were among the areas implemented by different disciplines.

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Millions of points from each heritage site were stitched to create a single Recap file that was later converted into a 3D model. Thanks to field specialists travelling far and wide and reaching even remotest areas of the terrain so that numerous snaps could be captured in their advanced devices.

Equipped with LiDAR scan device, the teams managed to handle even cumbersome tasks with ease. Not a single place was left out from their reach as these points representing point cloud data eventually enabled the other teams to model the entire monument keeping in mind architecture and structure properties present within it.


Restoration and preservation of monuments, forts and palaces top the agenda in a Scan to BIM project. Built in 15th to 17th century AD, these complexes undoubtedly became a major tourist hub in attracting people from all walks of life and their records in fact are a reminiscence of hard facts emerging with every passing day.

Though there is hard-hitting evidence in form of records, the reality in the desert state projects altogether a different picture. True picture remains in restoring glory of these structures and the kind of operations that led in due process.